10 Reasons A Virtual Front Desk Receptionist Helps Your Medical Practice

A virtual front desk receptionist helping a medical practiceThe demands put on those working in a medical practice continuously increase. Many healthcare practices these days turn to virtual workers to meet these demands. This is a cost-effective way to ensure that all their practices’ needs are met on time. A virtual front desk receptionist is a person who can take care of many front desk needs and other tasks, while not taking up extra office space or requiring additional equipment. You also save on continued training fees and employee benefits.

10 Benefits of A Virtual Front Desk Receptionist

But what makes hiring a virtual front desk receptionist the next step in building up your practice? We will look at ten benefits that are particular to a virtual hire.

A Cost-Effective Staffing Solution

A virtual front desk receptionist is a cost-effective hiring solution on many levels. They can handle many of the time-consuming administrative tasks currently taking up much of the time of your in-house staff. In-house staff often struggle to manage the entire workload in a practice, resulting in either certain tasks being put on the back burner, or working overtime to complete these tasks. A virtual hire will not only get these tasks done but also reduce your overhead costs. A virtual hire saves you money on utilities, office space, equipment, benefits, and various office expenses.

Flexible Working Hours

Essentially, a virtual front desk receptionist works the hours you need them to. It is often the case that when a practice extends its working hours, your in-house staff find it difficult to work due to other commitments. A virtual hire does not have these constraints and can work when you need them to. This staffing flexibility can help you improve your level of patient care.

Complete Reliability

Hiring a virtual front desk receptionist ensures reliability because they are available as and when needed. Added to this, a virtual hire from Cool Blue VA has the necessary training to handle whichever tasks you need them to complete.

Improved Client Satisfaction

Your patient is a client, and as such, it should be your aim to strive for client satisfaction. A virtual hire can deal with any patient queries promptly and professionally. In so doing, your virtual front desk receptionist can contribute to your patient satisfaction level and improve their loyalty.

Increased Efficiency and Focused Patient Care

Efficiency, to a large extent, determines a business's success. A virtual hire can help you improve your practice’s efficiency levels by professionally handling time-consuming tasks. They thereby provide your in-house staff members the opportunity to focus on providing your patients with the best care possible.

The same applies to the healthcare provider. Knowing your front desk administrative tasks are conducted by a qualified professional gives you, as the healthcare provider, the ease of mind to focus on patient care without having to worry about whether the time-sensitive administrative work gets done.

After Hour Commitments

Healthcare professionals know that their field of expertise often means they have to work long hours. Being a healthcare provider is not a nine-to-five job. You may need to work after the typical five o’clock end-of-day and even on weekends at times. A virtual receptionist can easily cover these hours, taking calls and messages as needed. In-house staff may not always be able to do so.

Scalable Hours

A virtual front desk receptionist can work as many, or as few, hours as you need them to. You can easily increase their working hours to fit the needs of your expanding practice.

Reduced Last-Minute Appointment Cancellations

When patients have appointments that they either forget about or forget to cancel, it affects your efficiency and bottom line. This results in a no-show where you could have slotted in someone else. A virtual hire can reduce the occurrence of these no-shows in your practice by confirming appointments, reminding patients of these appointments, and working with them to reschedule if need be. This ensures greater efficiency in your practice as well as increases patient satisfaction.

Excellent Communication Skills

A virtual front desk receptionist at Cool Blue VA has undergone extensive training and has excellent communications skills. These skills, much needed when dealing with patients and other organizations, result in less miscommunication between all parties concerned.

Excellent Organizational, Multitasking, and Computer Skills

A front desk receptionist needs to be excellent at organizing to see to your practice’s various administrative tasks. They also need to be able to multitask and have great computer skills as well.

Because of the training received by Cool Blue VA, you can rest assured that your virtual hire is imminently qualified to handle any front desk scenario.

Why You Should Hire A Virtual Front Desk Receptionist Through Cool Blue VA

Hiring a virtual front desk virtual receptionist through Cool Blue VA gives you the ease of mind that your virtual hire is someone that is qualified to do the job, and what is more, is trustworthy. Our virtual assistants are all vetted by us to ensure patient-client confidentiality remains secure.

A Cool Blue VA virtual hire will seamlessly integrate with your practice. Our virtual receptionists are firmly dedicated to meeting the needs of medical professionals. They are well-trained and experienced in a wide range of medical and healthcare tasks and services. Contact us today at 714-695-8000 to find out how Cool Blue VA provides the ultimate staffing solution for any healthcare practice.

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