5 Reasons to Hire A Remote Medical Assistant

A doctor getting benefits from hiring a remote medical assistant.A healthcare practice has innumerable administrative duties. More often than not, your in-house staff finds it difficult to keep up. As a result, certain tasks are put on the back burner. At some point, they need doing, resulting in people having to stay late to get things up to date. But your in-house staff need not be subjected to this type of pressure. A remote medical assistant could easily help your practice’s administrative issues stay up to date for a fraction of the cost.

So, how exactly does a remote medical assistant benefit your practice?

The Top 5 Benefits of A Remote Medical Assistant

A remote medical assistant benefits your practice in many ways, but these five key areas are the most significant for many medical practices.


In any medical practice, time is important. You have only so many hours a day to see patients. Your patients are your main focus. And this goes for your in-house staff as well. Everything else, including administrative duties, plays a secondary role. Yet these duties need doing! This often costs you and your staff valuable time.

A remote medical assistant frees up significant time that in-house staff could spend elsewhere, focusing on activities that enhance patient experience and generate revenue.

Quality Care

A remote medical assistant can help you ensure you provide your patients with the best quality care possible. These highly skilled professionals focus on their specific tasks only, resulting in more accurate job execution. What they do for your practice, however, depends on your specific needs.

For example, if you need someone for receptionist duties, they can not only interact with your patients but manage a variety of other tasks that includes answering the phone, generating and handling new appointments, and even handling the bills.

Whatever your specific needs, a remote medical assistant can fulfill these tasks both quickly and professionally.

Because you and your in-house staff no longer feel overwhelmed by the day-to-day tasks conducted by a remote medical assistant, you, and they, can provide better service when it comes to taking care of your patients’ needs.

Cutting Costs

Just about any type of business has high overhead costs. And as your practice grows, you may need to increase your staff component to correspond. Onboarding someone new, however, is costly as a new salary significantly adds to your overhead costs. Not only must you ensure the salary takes the cost of living into account, but it includes taxes, benefits, and sick or paid leave, depending on the state you reside in. Furthermore, new equipment and office space are also considerations to take into account.

If you cannot find someone already trained, you need to take their training time and expenses into consideration as well.

When you compare these costs to those of hiring a virtual medical assistant, you will notice significant cost savings. This is because when hiring an assistant through Cool Blue VA, you do not need to factor in any of these costs. We ensure that each of our virtual medical assistants is professionally trained to your specific needs. Furthermore, you do not have to take a salary into account as you only pay for the time worked. This ensures a significant reduction in salary costs.

Unlimited Talent Pool

Depending on where you live, it can be very difficult to find suitable and qualified hires for your practice. Furthermore, even after training a new staff member, they can still be poached by another practice.

Cool Blue VA offers a large, professional talent pool to choose from who have already trained in HIPAA compliance.

Increased Patient Load

A medical practice’s ongoing success depends on patient numbers. Yet you do not see the same patients every day. You need a constant influx of new patients to keep your practice running. And this is true for all practices, from massage to veterinary to dental practices.

Having someone to remotely manage your administrative workload leaves you free to serve the needs of new patients. In addition, you don't have to worry about all the additional administrative documentation new patients require. Furthermore, when your current staff struggle with their workload, you can ask your remote medical assistant to pick up the slack where needed. This leaves them free to interact with new patients.

For example, you may see fifteen patients per day. During each consultation, you may spend between two and five minutes just keeping your patient chart in order. You could spend that time seeing another one or two patients if you make use of a remote assistant who can do this task for you. Seeing more patients means more revenue and ensures the future success of your practice.

Types of Remote Medical Assistant

You can use a remote medical assistant in any type of healthcare environment. You can consider using them in dental and veterinary practices as well. Many specialize in different types of work.

At Cool Blue VA we have a large variety of remote professionals able to fill diverse types of remote positions.

  • Our medical scribes specialize in live transcriptions and can update a patient’s chart using technology while you see your patient.
  • A virtual receptionist specializes in all reception duties while being able to assume other administrative responsibilities as well. One of the tools they use to effortlessly integrate into your practice is Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), for example. They can greet patients, confirm appointments, answer the phone, process payments, and much more.
  • An administrative assistant, on the other hand, can perform any tasks where needed, including acting as a receptionist and back-office support. They can seamlessly slot into just about any position in your practice.

Why Hiring A Medical Virtual Assistant From Cool Blue VA Offers The Ultimate Staffing Solution

Finding qualified talent in your area may prove both time-consuming and difficult. It can also be expensive, especially when you need to have them trained to do specific tasks.

Hiring a medical virtual assistant through Cool Blue VA saves you time and money while ensuring a continuous workflow. Please give us a call at 714-695-8000 if you would like to know more about the remote services we offer and our various customized billing solutions.

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