7 Reasons to Hire A Virtual Medical Scribe

A virtual medical scribe working from homeA virtual medical scribe benefits you, and your medical practice, in many ways. Trained professionals, often with experience in the medical industry, these virtual hires can take workload pressure off you and your staff while promoting the smooth running of your business.

Services A Virtual Medical Scribe Offers

Although there are many ways that a virtual medical scribe can help manage your practice’s workload by taking many responsibilities off the shoulders of both you and your staff, we will look at just seven of these advantages.

Taking Accurate Notes

These virtual hires understand medical terminology due to their healthcare background. Because of this, they can take accurate notes without you, as the healthcare provider, having to either explain medical terminology or use different terms. Furthermore, they can expand on abbreviations and upload transcriptions. They can also oversee communication between different healthcare providers as necessary. If unsure of something, they can ask the healthcare provider to provide further clarity.

Medical Record Updates

A healthcare practice typically relies on traditional medical charts or electronic health records. With their excellent computer skills, a virtual medical scribe can use a wide variety of software applications that allow them to update your patient’s files and share them with other medical professionals if needed. This saves a lot of time as the information is there as and when needed. Furthermore, your scribe can also follow up on any test results as well as update the details of treatments.

Frees Up Time for The Healthcare Provider 

A healthcare provider in a typical practice often runs the risk of burnout. One of the main causes of this burnout is the amount of paperwork involved in running a practice. This may leave you feeling tired, unmotivated, and even detached from your patients.

A virtual medical scribe can provide you with much-needed support, allowing you to stay focused on your patients while enjoying a better work-life balance.

Medical History Access

Sometimes a patient cannot schedule an appointment with their preferred healthcare provider for any number of reasons. Their preferred provider may not be at the practice that day, or their schedule has already been filled. This means another provider, who does not know their medical history, may need to attend to them.

A virtual medical scribe can look up any pertinent details before, or even during, the appointment. In so doing, the patient does not need to give a rundown of their medical history. This saves time and helps the healthcare provider provide the patient with excellent quality care. It can also help avoid errors.

During the consultation, the scribe can also record any new developments for future reference.

General Administration

A virtual medical scribe can also help out with other administrative duties in your practice. They can, for example, make appointments and send out reminders, or answer phones and emails. Their healthcare background allows them to better communicate with patients.

Improved Patient Satisfaction and Medical Care

As a physician, one of your aims is to provide the best medical care you can to satisfied patients who would ideally refer you to their friends. A virtual medical scribe allows you to focus on your patients instead of on the paperwork involved with each consultation. Furthermore, your scribe can directly send e-prescriptions to the pharmacy as well as send referrals to specialists. This frees you to focus on giving excellent quality care to the next patient, knowing all the other details are taken care of. As a result, your patients spend less time waiting to see you as well.

Reduction In Errors

Mistakes happen. It is an unpleasant fact. Nobody is perfect. Your scribe, however, may help you reduce the error risk by immediately updating information. This ensures that all data is current, including the treatment advised as well as prescriptions. A medical scribe uses their medical background to fix any mistakes or asks the healthcare provider for further clarification.

Why You Should Hire A Virtual Medical Scribe from Cool Blue VA

There are many reasons why you should consider hiring a virtual medical scribe from Cool Blue VA. A virtual medical scribe saves you time, saves you money, and most importantly, reduces your workload.

We have a team of highly trained professionals and there are no contracts or set-up fees. Furthermore, you can cancel at any time.

Our scribes are available around the clock, so they work whenever you need them to. This provides your practice with continuous patient support. We can also train our scribes to use any EMR software you use, so they seamlessly fit into your practice’s workflow. What is more, you can start interviewing HIPAA-trained candidates within days of contacting us so that you can find your perfect fit.

If you would like to know more about the services we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us at 714-695-8000. We will gladly address any concerns you may have or help you find the perfect fit for your team.

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