8 Reasons to Hire A Medical Virtual Scribe

An image of a doctor, a patient, and a virtual healthcare scribeOne of the most integral operations in a healthcare practice is the accurate recording of patient data. When not done correctly, it could cause problems for both your practice and your patients. Unfortunately, most healthcare practitioners have a heavy workload and do not have the time to record everything accurately. Engaging the services of a medical virtual scribe may prove a valuable solution to the problem.

Traditionally, you would engage the services of a company providing these services. With technology moving forward at such a fast pace, this method has become outdated. New technological developments allow you to not only provide your patients with better services but also provide you with a competitive advantage.

However, when running a medical practice, you should always think long and hard before making a rushed decision. Besides ensuring the well-being of your business, you also need to keep patient confidentiality in mind. To make an informed decision, you thus need to know why you should consider hiring the services of a medical virtual scribe as opposed to engaging those of another in-office employee.

Benefits of a Medical Virtual Scribe

Improving internet technologies have given thousands of people the opportunity to work outside the traditional office environment. It is no longer necessary for people in certain industries to commute to work each day to do their job. This scenario applies to medical virtual scribes. Connecting you to a medical virtual scribe is one of the services Cool Blue VA provides.

Although not situated in your office, a medical virtual scribe can become an invaluable addition to your healthcare practice. Employing one of these professionals can help you:

Document Essential Data

Keeping track of relevant medical information about your patients is one of the most important aspects of running a successful practice. Yet, as a healthcare provider who sees an average of twenty patients daily, you may find that keeping up with relevant documentation is not only time-consuming but difficult to fit into your hectic day. To compound matters, you often find yourself having to do consultations at the same time, dividing your focus. A medical virtual scribe could reduce this workload, leaving you to do what matters most – taking care of your patients.

Organize Patient Charts

Healthcare practitioners often leave the updating of patient charts until after they have seen their last patient of the day. Yet closing these charts is something that should be done timeously. Having a medical virtual scribe on hand could help you get this done quickly and efficiently. Studies show that by employing the services of a medical virtual scribe, a medical practice may see a marked increase in chart efficiency.

Manage Administrative Tasks

A medical virtual scribe tends to have excellent administrative skills. They can organize and effectively document various data that contribute to efficiently running your practice. They are effectively able to virtually manage almost any administrative task in medical practice. Furthermore, their excellent grasp of medical terms allows you the peace of mind that your concerns are seen to.

Accurately Communicate Medical Info

Cool Blue VA medical virtual scribes are thoroughly vetted to ensure they have a deep understanding of medical knowledge. Most of our scribes are nurses, with several years of experience under their belts. They understand what you are trying to say and will help you get the message across.

How A Virtual Hire Can Help Your Practice

Engaging the services of a medical virtual scribe can vastly reduce a medical professional’s workload, leaving them time to concentrate on the most important aspect of healthcare –  patient wellbeing.

Cool Blue VA, a medical virtual scribe company, allows you to do just that. And many healthcare practitioners are turning to this new working reality. Here is why.

Cost Reduction

Hiring someone to come into the office each day is more costly than hiring a medical virtual scribe. Firstly, a medical virtual scribe has their own equipment. You do not have to worry about the expenses of regularly buying new equipment. Secondly, an hour worked is an hour paid. You do not have to pay for a set number of hours as you would with an in-house employee. And thirdly, you do not have the additional costs of sick pay, holiday pay, or health insurance to consider. Virtual health scribes also cost a fraction of the price of what you would pay an in-house employee.

Reduces Patient Anxiety

Many people become anxious when faced with a doctor’s appointment. When expected to share sensitive medical issues not just with their healthcare practitioner, but with an unknown medical scribe as well, they may become even more anxious. A medical virtual scribe, however, while present during the consultation, is not there in person. This can help create an atmosphere of a one-on-one consultation that proves less intimidating to someone already worried about their prognosis.

Perfect for Remote Practices

Healthcare practitioners in remote areas may have difficulty finding a local medical scribe that fits their needs. Someone with these skills may simply not be available. Yet a medical virtual scribe can be located just about anywhere. All that is needed is a good internet connection. So, even though you are located in a remote area, you can still make use of the services of an excellent medical virtual scribe. All our medical virtual scribes speak English fluently and will be able to take down all your notes and details.

Easy Implementation

When employing someone to work in-house, you often find relationship issues evolving. The new employee may not get along with existing employees for whatever reason. This, of course, could cause problems in the office and affect the daily running of your practice. You also need to ensure your new employee is trained to understand exactly what is expected of them. Yet this takes up much time and can be expensive as well. On the other hand, a medical virtual scribe is someone already well-trained in the job who can get to work almost immediately. They only require a little training regarding your specific procedures and in connecting with your practice’s information technology systems. Furthermore, you do not need to consider purchasing them new equipment or finding them a desk at which to work.

Less Stress

Many Americans suffer from burnout due to working long hours under stressful conditions. As a healthcare provider, one of your tasks is seeing to the continued health of those you employ. Yet you still need to ensure your practice’s productivity. Here, a medical virtual scribe can help you take the load off the shoulders of yourself and your employees. These scribes, with 24/7 availability, ensure you get help exactly as and when needed. This ensures the continued smooth running of your practice.

Reduced Scalability Risk

It is impossible to foresee the success of your practice five, ten, or twenty years down the line. Because of this, hiring new in-house staff is always risky. Yet not hiring a medical scribe could negatively impact your business too. Hiring a medical virtual scribe may be the answer to this predicament. This type of hire costs less than hiring someone on a full-time, in-house basis, requires less overhead, and is less risky if your business does not immediately grow as expected. And, by improving your productivity, you may experience more business growth, leaving funds available for investment in other areas of your practice.

An Increase in Efficiency

The more effective and efficient your hires, the more effective and efficient your medical practice. The skills of a medical virtual scribe could vastly contribute to this. Furthermore, they free up your staff to focus on other tasks commonly neglected due to time constraints. Ultimately, this extra support allows you and your staff can offer your patients the best possible medical care.

In Closing

An increasing number of healthcare practitioners are utilizing the aid of a medical virtual scribe. These well-trained professionals can lighten the workload of both you and your staff at the fraction of the costs of a new in-house hire. Cool Blue VA makes this hiring process much easier. For more information on hiring a medical virtual scribe, please contact us at 714-695-8000. We'll help you find the perfect person to meet your business's unique needs.

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