The Benefits of Automated Report Scheduling In A Medical Practice

A staff working on report schedulingCreating a weekly or monthly report takes a lot of time. The person carrying out this task needs to go through mountains of data, extract the relevant information, and then spend time writing the report and drawing up relevant charts or other schematics. Report scheduling with the latest technology can significantly free up this person’s time and results in an end product that is more accurate in a fraction of the time.

What Is Report Scheduling?

Report scheduling refers to a process whereby automated data is used to generate reports of your choosing at a certain time. This data is continuously extracted and analyzed automatically. In a healthcare setting, someone can then analyze EMRs (electronic medical records) reports, for example, to give insights about a practice’s performance, financial data, and patient demographics.

The Benefits of Report Scheduling

Report scheduling offers many benefits in a healthcare environment.

Increased Productivity

Automated report scheduling can improve your healthcare practice’s productivity and efficiency. The automation process means that you save time because an employee no longer has to manually process all this information. Furthermore, this person now has more time to concentrate their efforts on other, more critical areas in your practice that need their attention.

Reduces Errors

People make mistakes. These mistakes could creep in while they type in information or when analyzing it. Automated report scheduling reduces the risk of mistakes. Furthermore, data-driven reports can help your healthcare practice improve its services and grow because your decision-making is based on error-free information.

Better Data Management

Automated report scheduling makes use of a wide variety of data. These reports are regularly updated as new data becomes available. In other words, you can automatically and regularly get updated reports on various issues that can help with your decision-making process.

Much of the data needed in a healthcare practice is drawn from EMRs. Automatic report scheduling can find, analyze, and update relevant data to deliver you an up-to-date report when you need it. What is more, you get to decide when you want new reports compiled.

Off-Peak Report Generation

Another benefit is that the report scheduling need not be done during peak office hours. Once you have decided on the frequency of reports, the report scheduling system can automatically compile reports during those hours that suit you.

Improved Goal Creation

As a healthcare provider, you need to continuously work to ensure the success of your healthcare practice. Automated report scheduling can help you do just that. If you get the needed reports daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly, you can use them to create goals for your practice.

Examples of these goals could include setting up a better workflow situation within your practice, saving on expenditures, and implementing new treatments.

Task Delegation

You cannot expect everyone in your practice to effectively and efficiently do everything necessary to ensure your practice’s success. By making use of automated reports, you can more easily identify shortfalls, strengths, and weaknesses. As a result, you can delegate certain tasks to the most suitable people. These may include your different administrative staff or medical assistants. When everyone carries a more or less equal load in your practice, it results in a better working environment.


Automated report generation can provide you with the tools you need to regularly evaluate your practice’s various processes and procedures. It is important to maximize your time and patient care as a healthcare provider, for example. It is equally important that your various staff members do the same. Reports can help you identify areas to improve as well as what you already do well.

Benefits of Using A Medical Virtual Assistant for Report Scheduling

Hiring someone who is experienced in the automated report scheduling process and who knows how to ensure accurate data extraction can be quite costly. And if you can’t find someone already qualified, you may need to pay for their training. Just taking their salary and benefits into consideration can significantly add to your practice’s salaries.

Hiring a virtual medical assistant to take up this role can save your practice a lot of money. When hiring a virtual medical assistant from Cool Blue VA to take on this task, you have the assurance that you have the services of someone already trained and who knows how to handle the job. Furthermore, you only pay for the hours worked, and they use their own equipment. That is another cost-saving for your practice. And, because a medical virtual assistant works from a remote location, you do not have to make sure they have a dedicated working space in your in-house setting.

This may ensure increased productivity in your practice because the services of a medical virtual assistant for report scheduling frees up staff in your practice to focus on other tasks.

Why You Should Consider A Virtual Assistant for Report Scheduling Through Cool Blue VA

When you hire a virtual medical assistant through Cool Blue VA you get all the benefits previously mentioned. But you get even more for your buck.

What makes our virtual medical assistants unique is that most of them have some form of medical background. We also ensure that they are thoroughly trained and one hundred percent up to date on the latest uses of technology that report scheduling requires. Not only can they oversee your report scheduling, but they can also customize the end result according to your specific requirements. They can choose specific data fields and apply filters or sorting for each report. This ensures a user-friendly end result that you can quickly peruse when it suits you.

Another consideration is that our virtual medical assistants have all undergone HIPAA training. They know and understand all about the need for confidentiality. This applies not only to your patients’ private information but to that of your practice as well.

If you would like to know more about how hiring a virtual medical assistant from Cool Blue VA can help take your medical practice to the next level, give us a call. Our number is 714-695-8000. We will answer any questions you may have. We offer a wide range of virtual assistant services and can help you pick the perfect assistant who will seamlessly slot into your practice’s daily running needs. Do not hesitate to reach out to find out more about how we can help your practice grow.

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