Proven Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Medical Assistant

A doctor getting benefits from hiring a virtual medical assistant.Each medical practice has different needs. Some have a small staff. Others have a larger staff and also have more patients. And this, in turn, has an effect on what you need from assisting staff. A virtual medical assistant can help with many of these different needs in a way that matches your budget.

For example, a family doctor may only need a virtual medical assistant to help with patient inquiries and setting appointments. A cardiologist, on the other hand, may need someone to also file insurance claims and follow up on prescription refills. What you need to focus on is finding a company that tailors its services to fit your practice’s specific needs.

Using A Virtual Medical Assistant for a Specialty Practice

The services a virtual medical assistant provides can change depending on your specific needs. For example, you may need someone to work either part or full-time. You get to decide when, and how long, your assistant works.

At Cool Blue VA we recognize the uniqueness of a specialty practice. You may need a customized solution, and typical medical staffing practices may not suit your practice. With virtual front desk services, you have a fully trained staffing solution that understands your individual needs.

Outsourcing the role of a virtual assistant offers you a virtual front desk staffing solution that helps your practice operate effectively and efficiently.

The Proven Benefits of Hiring A Virtual Medical Assistant

While cost savings is the most common reason many medical practitioners hire a virtual medical assistant, there are many other benefits included.

  • You free up time for your staff members, thereby allowing them to focus on better patient care and other necessary tasks only in-house staff members can address.
  • A virtual medical assistant may help reduce your patient waiting time by handling tasks as they pop up, such as patient inquiries or scheduling appointments.
  • After-hour support is important in conventional medical practice but difficult to come by. A virtual medical assistant, available around the clock, can cover these needs, even over weekends.
  • A virtual hire saves on costs. Also, you do not have to take sick leave, holiday leave, or benefit payments into account.

Finding A Virtual Medical Assistant: Companies and Fees

Finding a company that offers virtual medical assistant services can be difficult. It is important to find a service that has highly trained staff that are able to fit your specific needs. At Cool Blue VA, we offer this option to any healthcare practice, no matter the size. We provide this support with straightforward pricing.

Hiring a virtual medical assistant is much more affordable compared to a physical medical assistant. However, the cost of a virtual medical assistant depends on a range of factors. These include your practice size and the company you hire. Some companies may have an hourly charge, while others charge either monthly or annually. These pricing models can have a major impact down the line on how much a virtual medical assistant ultimately costs.

One of the advantages of working with Cool Blue VA is our flat-rate pricing with no contracts or hidden costs. For an hourly fee, we provide the services of a qualified virtual medical assistant with HIPAA certification and experience in medical practice.

But we also understand that your needs may change. Our affordable, custom plans allow you to customize your practice needs as they arise. Furthermore, you can focus on providing your patients with the best care possible without having to worry about budgeting for costs resulting from benefits, sick days, or vacation days.

Join The Trend of The Future

While a medical assistant provides an essential service for the smooth running of any medical practice, many practices increasingly outsource these needs. This means the demand for virtual medical assistants is on the increase. Without having someone physically in place, healthcare practices still have the benefits of an assistant’s services while saving on overhead costs.

Many healthcare practices currently struggle to invest in new technology, necessary staff, or continued education for existing staff. The savings incurred by a virtual hire will contribute to your ability to do so.

By staying on trend with the latest medical advances in your field, you and your in-house staff can offer your patients the best possible care. At the same time, a virtual medical assistant can take care of all the traditional front-desk responsibilities, giving you, and your current staff, the time and opportunity to focus on what really matters – your patients.

Why Hire Your Virtual Medical Assistant Through Cool Blue VA?

Cool Blue VA provides excellent customer service via our contingent of friendly, professional, qualified virtual medical assistants.

Not only is each virtual medical assistant at our company highly experienced, but they are also ready to help you ensure an efficiently run practice.

Because of our 24/7 availability, your virtual assistant can accommodate your practice’s needs at any time, day or night.

Hiring a Cool Blue VA virtual medical assistant is a cost-effective, efficient solution to managing your practice’s front desk. Contact us today at 714-695-8000 to learn more about our services.

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