Can A Virtual Hire Lead to Reduced Staff Turnover?

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A medical practice is a business. And just like any other business, you need to ensure you have a capable, professional team to oversee all aspects of running your practice. Yet you may find that you have a high employee turnover as team members leave your practice and start working elsewhere. This could have not only financial consequences for your business but also impact staff morale and working conditions. Reduced staff turnover should thus be one of your main priorities.

Reasons for A High Staff Turnover

You have a high staff turnover when a significant number of staff members leave your practice within a given time span. It is a good indication of whether team members are happy working at your practice. Some factors that influence your staff turnover include the following:

  • Team members feel overworked
  • They may feel their salaries do not compare favorably with that of other practices
  • They may feel their benefits do not match the work they do
  • Professional advancement issues

Impact of High Staff Turnover on Your Medical Practice

When your highly trained staff leave your medical practice, it can cause several issues. One of these, of course, is that specific work can no longer be done until you get someone new to take up the role. Or other staff members have to take up the slack and work even harder and possibly for longer hours. This could lead to even more staff becoming unsatisfied with their working conditions.

Finding competent people to fill the role could result in increased recruitment costs as you work to find someone suitable. Also, the result is a less experienced team member. It's often necessary to invest in training once again for the new staff member. Your current staff’s morale may decrease even more during this time.

Reduced Staff Turnover by Hiring a Medical Virtual Assistant

While in-house staff definitely have a key role in a medical practice, hiring a virtual medical assistant could lead to reduced staff turnover in several ways. These dedicated professionals can assume various roles in your healthcare practice. These include the following:

  • Medical receptionist duties – easily done via telephone or email
  • Providing telehealth support to patients over the telephone or via email
  • Making follow-up calls to patients to find out how they react to treatment and provide ongoing emotional support
  • Medical transcribing for professional, accurate transcriptions
  • Billing – another task easily completed when outsourcing
  • Medical coding – Cool Blue VA provides qualified medical coders

And the list can go on.

A virtual medical assistant can provide many services according to the needs of your practice. This can alleviate some of the burden of your current in-house staff while helping to ensure that administrative tasks get done in a timely, accurate manner.

Furthermore, these professionals can also help improve your relationship with your various patients and help free up your time as the primary healthcare provider. This means you get to see more patients during the course of the day.

How Does a Virtual Hire Lead to Reduced Staff Turnover?

A virtual hire comes at a significantly smaller cost than that of a traditional in-house hire. You also do not need to provide them with any equipment or make sure your practice has the space to accommodate them. This means a reduction in your practice’s expenses. A reduction in expenses equates to more cash in hand. You could thus offer your in-house staff more competitive compensation and benefits. You would also be able to promote a better work-life balance and be in a position to provide more opportunities for their professional development.

Happy staff members lead to reduced staff turnover.

How Do I Know Hiring a Virtual Medical Assistant Will Lead to Reduced Staff Turnover?

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. In other words, you can only judge for yourself once you have seen a virtual medical assistant in action. And your practice can easily measure whether your virtual hire has resulted in a reduction in staff turnover. You simply need to compare your staff turnover rate before and after you have made these virtual hires.

But here is the good part.

If you feel that your virtual medical assistant has not been of any benefit to your practice, you can easily terminate their services if hired through Cool Blue VA. With Cool Blue VA, you get billed monthly for the work done. We do not expect you to sign long-term contracts that you may find difficult to cancel. You simply contact us and convey your needs. We then give you the option of going through our list of previously vetted, qualified virtual assistants. This allows you to make the pick that you feel will fit into your practice. And voila! They can soon start working towards making your healthcare practice even more successful.

Why Hire a Medical Virtual Assistant through Cool Blue VA to Reduce Staff Turnover?

When hiring through Cool Blue VA, you are assured of hiring a qualified professional who can take on the tasks you need them for. Most of our virtual professionals have some kind of medical background, so they understand how a medical practice operates.

About reducing staff turnover, we have you covered as well. You see, you can keep on working with the medical virtual assistant you have decided to hire. This allows a sense of continuity in your practice. It will also allow the virtual medical assistant to slot into your practice and become a real asset to your team. In other words, they become part of your work family.

Do you still have doubts about hiring a virtual medical assistant through Cool Blue VA to help reduce your staff turnover?

Why don’t you give us a call at 714-695-8000? We can answer any questions you may have about how hiring a virtual medical assistant through our company can help to create an environment that leads to reduced staff turnover. We can also assist you in identifying the perfect candidate for your practice. Let us help you take your healthcare practice to the next level with a virtual hire from Cool Blue VA.

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