Five Cost Savings Benefits of A Virtual Hire in A Medical Practice

a person doing cost analysisNo matter how you look at it, a medical practice is a business. And as is the case with any business, you need to ensure that your return on investment, or ROI, makes sense. You cannot operate at a loss. This means ensuring that your expenditures do not exceed your income. Unfortunately, one of a business’s greatest expenditures, salaries, cannot be done away with. You need to pay your staff. Yet, in medical practice, many staff roles can easily be filled by employing virtual assistants. They can ensure huge cost savings in your business while providing professional services at a fraction of the cost of in-house hires.

The easiest way to gain competent, trained, professional medical virtual assistants is through Cool Blue VA.

What Is A Medical Virtual Assistant?

A medical virtual assistant is someone who can take on many of the tasks needed in a healthcare environment with one difference – they work remotely. This person could live in a different country and have a different time zone. They can help you with many of your practice’s tasks, depending on their unique skills. Some of the tasks a medical virtual assistant can help you with that allow for greater cost savings include appointment scheduling, data entry, and billing and coding.

How A Virtual Hire Promotes Cost Savings In Your Healthcare Practice

A virtual hire can contribute to your medical practice’s cost savings in many ways. We will look at a few of the ways they can help you reduce expenditure while providing an excellent service that helps your practice grow.

You Get Exactly What You Pay For

If the cost of a full-time employee seems too high for the amount of work done, many healthcare practices opt to hire someone part-time, hoping this will meet their needs while promoting cost savings. And while this may prove true when it comes to comparing the cost alone, hiring a virtual assistant may still prove a much cheaper and more effective option.

A part-time employee still expects a fixed salary, regardless of whether your circumstances change. On the other hand, when hiring a medical virtual assistant, you only pay for the hours worked or at a rate previously agreed upon.

At Cool Blue VA we understand that a healthcare practice may have fluctuating cash flows and thus budgetary constraints. We can consider these constraints when helping you find the perfect virtual assistant who will seamlessly fit into your practice’s workflow while catering to your needs.

Overhead Cost Savings

In a traditional setting, you, as the employer, would need to hire someone to do a certain job. You would also have to determine their working hours and salary. Furthermore, you would need to ensure they have physical spacing within your practice to do their job. Add to this the costs of equipment and physical tools they would need to do their job. You might also have to pay for training.

And that is not the end of it. As an employer, you would also have to ensure the payment of their taxes and offer them certain benefits and insurance. You may also have to take vacation leave, sick leave, and overtime into consideration.

On the other hand, you do not have to take any of this into account when hiring a medical virtual assistant. These professionals work remotely and have all the services and equipment needed to do their job. In other words, you do not need to worry about time off, equipment costs, taxes, etc.

And for the most part, medical virtual assistants from Cool Blue VA have already acquired the skills needed to undertake the task you employ them for. We see to their training at no cost to you. And in the event that you need them to work on a platform unfamiliar to them, we see to that too!

Please note that any additional training needed will not impact the time one of our virtual assistants works for you.

Flexibility May Promote Cost Savings

Another way in which a virtual hire can promote cost savings results from their flexibility. The typical nine-to-five workday does not apply to them. They can work any time of the day. So, if you need someone to work outside of your regular working hours, a virtual assistant provides a great solution to your problem!

What does this mean for you when it comes to cost savings?

Well, you patients can make appointments outside of regular practice hours. Your virtual assistant can also handle billing queries outside office hours if needed. These professionals provide your healthcare practice with almost limitless services that will cater to your patients’ needs while ensuring your practice’s workflow runs smoothly.

In addition to this, their flexibility means someone is always available to see to unforeseen circumstances. This is because our virtual assistants have multiple skills that make them suitable for taking on tasks in various areas of your practice. So talk to us about this!

In the traditional scenario, a staff member may not feel comfortable taking on multiple roles in your practice, especially without specific training.

Saving Time, Saving Money

It is sad but true that virtual hires are often more productive than traditional hires. This is because they do not become distracted while working. They do not have someone to chat with or take long lunch breaks. These individuals work remotely and only get paid for the work they do – providing huge cost savings! They have thus become masters at time management and efficiency.

Reduction In Turnover Costs

If, for some reason, one of your regular employees decides to leave your employ, it costs you. It takes time to find a fitting replacement. Add to that the time it takes to conduct interviews and the reference checks you may need to do. And then, you may have to cough up some money to train your new hire.

But it not only takes time, it also means nothing gets done during this time. Or your other employees may need to take up the slack – and they may not have the time to do so properly. Your healthcare practice can suffer.

The scenario with a virtual hire who leaves your employ is a vastly different one.

Firstly, it is much easier to replace a medical virtual assistant if they stop working for you for whatever reason. Secondly, the time it takes to replace them with another qualified virtual assistant is much less. So, your work commences much more quickly, and the strain you put on your existing staff members to pick up the slack is much less.

It is a win-win situation.

Of course, nobody wants to see staff members leaving, even if they just so happen to be a virtual hire! Because of this, Cool Blue VA does its best to ensure that you get the perfect fit when it comes to hiring. But nobody is infallible, and things can happen. You cannot always foresee what the future holds. Your virtual assistant may fall ill and need to recuperate from their illness for a long period, for example.

Whatever the reason they leave your employ, however, we have got you covered!

We have many imminently qualified professionals who can help you during times when your healthcare practice has a void when staff, whether in-house or virtual, cannot work. What is more, our strict vetting process ensures that you get to choose from a small group with the necessary training to take on the tasks needed. We have already done the sifting process for you.

Why Hire A Virtual Assistant Through Cool Blue VA to Promote Cost Savings

Hiring through Cool Blue VA promotes cost savings in various ways. You do not have to take any benefits into consideration. There is no pension, taxes, paid leave, sick leave, or medical insurance that needs to be taken care of. Neither do you need to either employ a substitute or get other staff members to take over the work of an employee when they go on vacation.

You only pay for the work done and get billed for that. That is all. We take care of the rest, including further training as and when needed!

Furthermore, most of our virtual hires have some form of medical training and are HIPAA-trained! Your patients’ and your private information stay private.

If you would like to know more about the virtual services we provide at Cool Blue VA and how we can help promote cost savings, please call us. Our contact number is 714-695-8000. We will gladly answer any questions you may have.

Let us help you take your medical practice to the next level with a virtual hire from Cool Blue VA.

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