What to Consider When Determining A Medical Transcriptionist Salary

A doctor determining a medical transcriptionist salaryThe main job of a medical transcriptionist is to translate a medical provider’s spoken word into a written report. This report may be used in future diagnosis and treatment and is an accurate record of any interactions between doctor and patient. Determining your medical transcriptionist salary is important to ensure you employ the right person for your practice and its needs.

Many in the healthcare industry are confused as to what a medical transcriptionist salary should be, especially when it is the first time they have decided to employ someone in such a crucial role. They often have nothing to compare it to.

It is important that, before making a new hire or determining a medical transcriptionist salary, you should first understand the crucial role this person can play in your practice’s success.

What A Medical Transcriptionist Does

A medical transcriptionist typically transcribes medical reports from a healthcare provider’s audio recordings. In other words, they listen to these recordings and make a written record of them. But this is not all they do. They can:

  • Take the dictated patient notes arising from consultation and convert them into written copy.
  • Once converted to text, they review and edit the document to make sure it is accurate and make edits as necessary.
  • They may produce reports, if necessary, from the healthcare provider’s dictation or audio recording.
  • A medical transcriptionist can organize and classify various patient data and medical research conducted by the healthcare provider.

Although most medical transcriptionists are in-house hires who work at clinics, hospitals, or private medical practices, the latest trend is toward virtual hires. Virtual hires work from a remote location and can be situated anywhere in the world.

The Benefits of Hiring A Medical Transcriptionist

A medical transcriptionist has many skills that can benefit your practice. As a healthcare provider, your time is taken up with patients throughout the day. This often leaves you with little time to catch up on paperwork. This leaves many healthcare providers needing to stay late to catch up. Furthermore, a hectic routine often gives you only a few minutes to dictate notes after a consultation. This is where a medical transcriptionist comes into the picture.

How A Medical Transcriptionist Benefits Healthcare Providers

You need to consider the benefits provided by this type of professional before deciding on a medical transcriptionist salary offer.  For example:

  • Hiring a medical transcriptionist ensures that the information you record is transcribed correctly. In other words, no missed details while ensuring a complete record of the consultation. This improves patient care, something that is extremely important in any healthcare setting.
  • Transcribing your notes takes time and effort. Engaging the services of a medical transcriptionist saves you this time while ensuring a positive end result.
  • Hiring a professional, competent person reduces the risk of errors. One typing error could have catastrophic consequences in a medical setting.

Factors That Affect a Medical Transcriptionist Salary

The average medical transcriptionist salary varies between $20 to $30 per hour. A medical transcriptionist salary depends on several factors, however. These include the following:

  • The type of healthcare practice – someone working in a specialized field would have a higher salary than one working in a general field.
  • Any added skills the medical transcriptionist may have, such as medical office experience, knowledge of anatomy, computer skills, and whether they can speak more than one language.
  • Where the practice is situated - someone working in a practice in New York City or Los Angeles would most certainly receive a higher salary than someone working in a smaller town.
  • Their education - someone with a medical transcriptionist certification could expect to demand a higher salary while those with a bachelor’s degree could demand even more.
  • Expected workload - depending on what you need them to do, you may need to pay a higher salary for a higher workload.
  • Experience - those with a few years of experience would demand a higher rate than someone barely starting out in the field.

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Hiring A Medical Transcriptionist Through Cool Blue VA

It costs you a fraction of the price to for a Cool Blue VA. We have a large number of qualified professionals for you to choose from. Many of them have a medical background, such as working as a nurse, lab technician, or in another medical role.

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