Why You Should Consider Hiring A Remote Medical Scribe

A remote medical scribe working from homeAlthough a healthcare practitioner plays a vital role in healthcare, it does not mean they can sit on their laurels. They need to constantly ensure a good doctor-patient relationship, while diagnosing and addressing a wide range of health issues, and keeping records up to date. Providing your patients with high-quality care is thus an important priority in any healthcare practice. A medical scribe can help you achieve this aim!

Unfortunately, as every healthcare provider knows, juggling a patient schedule with the various clerical tasks you also need to carry out takes a lot of time. And because of these other tasks you need to complete, you may find that you are not able to spend adequate time with your patients. This can severely impact your job satisfaction.

You can avoid this situation, however. Employing a medical scribe, someone who attends your appointments with you, can take care of some of the time-consuming clerical work. What is more, with a virtual hire that does not even sit in the same space as you, you can see to it that your patients’ sense of privacy stays uncompromised. Only you, as the healthcare provider, are physically present during a consultation.

Why A Medical Scribe?

After employing a medical scribe, you may very well wonder how in the world you ever managed without one. These highly skilled professionals can help support you as a healthcare provider in many different ways. In so doing, they not only lighten your burden, but they also help you focus on what really matters - professional patient care!

When hiring a medical scribe from Cool Blue VA, you hire a fully trained professional at a fraction of the cost of an in-house scribe. A medical scribe from Cool Blue VA is someone who:

  • has excellent computer skills
  • follows HIPAA guidelines
  • can transcribe any information coming to light during a consultation
  • can update your files immediately.
  • can work in any type of healthcare setting

What Are The Benefits?

Hiring a medical scribe, no matter what type of medical setting you are employed in, definitely helps reduce your workload. They can take care of the clerical component of your daily work and allow you to focus on your patients.

The medical scribes at Cool Blue VA have completed training in this regard and have a healthcare background with ample experience in the health industry. A medical scribe, for example, could be a physician assistant, medical technician, or even a qualified nurse.

All our scribes go through HIPAA training and can take over many core responsibilities in your practice. They can, for example, be present during a consultation by making use of video chat, updating any documentation in real-time, helping out with various clerical tasks, and generally reducing the bulk of a healthcare provider’s paperwork. In so doing, the healthcare provider is freed up to take care of the needs of more patients.

Furthermore, a virtual hire not only saves you time but money and space as well. Because they work remotely, you do not need to provide them with any office space, and you only pay for the time they actually work for you. And because they work as independent contractors, you do not have to deal with taxes or benefits as you would with a conventional hire.

Why You Should Hire A Medical Scribe Through Cool Blue VA

The medical scribes at Cool Blue VA are qualified professionals. And because they work virtually, they need not physically be present in your practice. The use of technology allows them to work from anywhere in the world. Yet, because of our extensive vetting and training program, we offer you the best-qualified virtual hires possible.

Here is why you should consider Cool Blue VA when making a hire:

  1. You can pick from a team of highly trained professionals, all of which have training in the medical field. Furthermore, everyone on our team goes through a HIPAA training program.
  2. No contracts are needed. No set up fees. You can cancel the services of your medical scribe whenever you wish.
  3. You do not need to manage any of the staff-related tasks required with in-house hires.
  4. You are assured of a quality hire because all those on our team are thoroughly vetted and trained.
  5. Our virtual hires are flexible regarding working hours. So even if you work late or over weekends, your medical scribe can still be in the office right there with you!
  6. We can quickly train any medical scribe regarding the EMR software you use. This allows them to easily slot into your routine without you having to worry about training them.
  7. You can start to interview prospective candidates within a few days of contacting us.
  8. Continuity is important in any business environment. A medical practice is no exception. Hiring a medical scribe with us allows you the ability to establish a long-term relationship with one (or more) individuals.

How to Hire A Cool Blue VA Medical Scribe

Hiring a Cool Blue VA medical scribe is extremely easy. All you need to do is contact us at 714-695-8000 and we will help you through the process. We are also more than willing to help you select your perfect fit or talk to you about any concerns you may have.

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