6 Ways Hiring A Medical Virtual Assistant Promotes Increased Productivity In Your Medical Practice

coloured right-arrows signifying productivityDoing things the traditional way in a medical practice takes up a lot of time and may require additional human resources to get things done. As a practice grows, increased productivity from your current resources may become essential. You need someone to constantly update patient data, take care of billing, interact with patients… The list goes on and on.

Yet employing more people to work in an in-house setting may prove difficult. Staff members take up a huge chunk of a practice’s expenditures. Salaries, for example, can greatly cut into your practice’s income. You would also need to consider the time employees take for paid holidays or sick leave, as well as benefits. Along with this comes expenses relating to equipment, training, and other overheads for in-house employees.

But the work still needs to happen.

This is where medical virtual assistants can come in. They fill many roles within a healthcare practice without the need for in-house hires. They provide cost-effective employment that allows for increased productivity without breaking the bank.

6 Ways A Medical Virtual Assistant Promotes Increased Productivity

Hiring a medical virtual assistant promotes increased productivity in several ways depending on the tasks you hire them to do.

A medical virtual assistant can relieve your in-house staff of many tasks that take up a lot of their time. This allows in-house staff to focus on core tasks with the knowledge that someone else is taking care of the rest. These are often tasks they find difficult to complete during the course of the day. This in itself results in increased productivity as essential tasks get seen to.

But you can hire a medical virtual assistant for more than just picking up the slack. The trained professionals at Cool Blue VA can, for example, also take care of your practice’s data entry, appointment setting, and billing and coding. And so much more!

These are only a few of the ways hiring a virtual medical assistant equates to increased productivity.

Increased Focus on What Really Matters

A medical virtual assistant does not need to reside in your town, state, or even country. These professionals can work from anywhere in the world. Yet you can delegate a multitude of tasks to them. This leaves your in-house staff with the time they need to dedicate themselves to your core business goals – seeing to the wellbeing of your patients. In other words, their productivity increases when focusing on essential tasks, while administrative tasks still get done.

A Cost-Effective Solution

Because your current staff may have difficulty completing all the tasks needed in a healthcare practice, you may be looking at employing another full-time or even part-time individual. But no matter their employment status, you would still have to consider the various expenses associated with an in-house hire. These include salaries, benefits, equipment, the office space, and even training costs. It adds up!

A more cost-effective solution is to hire a medical virtual assistant.

Hiring a medical virtual assistant from Cool Blue VA means hiring someone already qualified to do the job. Furthermore, they have their own equipment. You also do not have to take any benefits into consideration. You only pay the monthly fee billed. This fee is usually at a fraction of the cost you would have had to pay for an in-house hire, without all the extra expenses.

Specialized Skills

Different medical virtual assistants have different skills, although most of those at Cool Blue VA can easily diversify and help out in areas for which they have not been specifically employed if the need arises.

Our medical virtual assistants can help with data entry, appointment setting, follow-ups, billing, receptionist tasks, etc. Please contact us at Cool Blue VA for more on the various tasks our medical virtual assistants can help you with.

By hiring virtual assistants with diverse skill sets, you can rest assured of the timely, efficient completion of tasks by trained professionals. Their specialized skills contribute to the quality of work and promote increased productivity. You do not need to worry about training.


No matter the type of business you have, and a medical practice is a business, you will probably find that your business has peak periods and quieter times of the year. Think of the increase in colds and flu during the winter months, for example.

Hiring medical virtual assistants during peak periods may help take some of the load off your in-house hires during these times.

It is simple to hire a medical virtual assistant as and when it suits you. You can upscale the hours during peak periods and downscale them when your patient flow slows down. This ensures increased productivity when things get hectic.

Less Stress Equals An Improved Personal Life and Work Environment

Trying to get everything done in a medical practice can increase stress levels. The results of increased stress can impact the personal interactions within the practice as well as your personal life. This applies both to you and your staff. You may see productivity within the practice wane as a result.

A virtual hire, on the other hand, may help promote a balance. These professionals can take up the extra workload. This means you and your employees have less stress. As a result, you may not only see increased productivity but find that everyone at the practice has better interpersonal relationships with each other. This positivity may also benefit you and your staff in their personal lives, as well as improve patient satisfaction.

Around the Clock Availability

Another point to consider is that the timeframes during which your staff work are not a factor when it comes to medical virtual assistants. These individuals come from different areas across the globe and thus work in different time zones. Employing a virtual assistant thus means that your medical practice can have someone to contact and who carries on with your practice’s work 24/7. Whether it is setting up appointments or even answering billing queries, someone is there to pay attention to your patients.

Your patients will definitely notice the increased availability of your practice for meeting their needs. As a result, you may see an increased retention rate among patients. Your patients may even promote your services to people they know. It is a win-win situation.

In Conclusion

When you hire a medical virtual assistant, you invest in your practice. These professionals can help with tasks your current staff find difficult to get to. Yet their individual specialization also means that you can hire them to take on complicated tasks that you may normally need to hire someone for at a much higher rate. Plus, you would need to take a whole lot of things into consideration that add to the cost of such a hire.

A cool Blue VA hire, on the other hand, saves you the headache of making a new in-house hire on your own.

We have thoroughly trained, vetted people who have your interests at heart. Add to this that most of our virtual assistants have some form of medical background and have undergone HIPAA training, and you have the assurance that your patients’ and your personal information will go nowhere. What is private stays private!

Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to find out more about the different virtual assistant services our highly skilled staff can offer you? Why not call us and find out? You can contact us at 714-695-8000.

Let us help you find the perfect virtual assistant for your practice so that you are assured of increased productivity. We promise you, a virtual hire through Cool Blue VA provides an excellent return on your investment.

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