5 Tips to More Effectively Manage Your Filipino Virtual Assistants and Boost Productivity

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Managing a remote team is not easy. But with a few tips, you could end up with a winning team. However, if you are working with Filipino virtual assistants, remember that you are working with people from a vibrant culture who have their own views about the ideal working environment.

Like anyone else, these employees may hold back their energy and passion when they feel they lack trust, support, and a connection with other team members. Furthermore, studies indicate that engagement promotes improved productivity, trust, and better support structures. Bringing these factors into your work with your team of Filipino virtual assistants can help empower them to go that extra mile to help your business flourish.

So, how do you take these factors into account when managing your Filipino virtual Assistants?

Tips on How to Manage Your Filipino Virtual Assistants

There are several things to consider when seeking to become a more effective manager for your Filipino virtual assistants.

Set Up Good Communications Channels

Good communication is not only dishing out tasks and receiving the completed outcome. It is also about listening to what your Filipino virtual assistants have to say. Asking "How are you?" may get them to open up to you and give them an opening to ask questions. Asking questions allows for better communication and ensures that everyone is on the same page.

Good communication also involves giving constructive criticism on the one hand, and recognizing a job well done on the other. And do not forget to thank your Filipino virtual assistants when they have completed a project. Recognition goes a long way toward boosting the morale of your Filipino virtual assistants.

Another method to boost communication is to regularly set up meetings. All team members should get a chance to deliver their input and give feedback. You may be surprised at some of the solutions they may bring to the table if given a chance.

Show Respect Towards Your Filipino Virtual Assistants

Respect is a two-way street. To receive respect, you need to give respect. This means you should respect your Filipino virtual assistants’ culture, recognize their holidays, and congratulate them on milestones achieved. And once you show respect, others tend to respect your beliefs, culture, etc., too.

Encourage Personal Development

When you invest in the continued education of your Filipino virtual assistants, you are fast-tracking your business on a path to success. Whether you encourage and enable them to acquire new skills or tools that enhance their job performance, you help to empower them. At the end of the day, they will use these new skills and tools to strengthen your team and business. An interest in their development also indicates that you care and value their input.

Address the Isolation

Most Filipino virtual assistants work in isolation. These professionals work from a remote location and may never see their team members in person. This is vastly different from when you work in an office environment where you get to know colleagues while on coffee break, for example. In an office environment, you can blow off some steam as well. Remote workers feel more stressed and anxious because they do not have this type of communication.

To help with this situation, you could consider using an app that all team members can join. Doing so would also allow them to socialize remotely while sharing important work information. Getting to know your team members also clears the way to more effective communication.

Brainstorming, Collaboration, and Goalsetting

Set up times for brainstorming, collaboration, and planning future goals. Exchanging information promotes better communication and a more streamlined, successful, work environment. Brainstorming as a means of collaboration on various tasks is thus one of the key tools for effectively managing your team of Filipino virtual assistants.

Brainstorming allows people to swap ideas and build better teams and inter-team bonds. It also allows team members to feel appreciated.

You can also use this time for your team members to set goals.

When issues crop up, it is far too easy for a team manager to lay down the law according to how they believe things should be done. But you need to remember that any problem may have more than one solution.

Allowing your team to brainstorm around these issues not only enhances their collaboration but allows them to come up with various ideas to solve the problem. Also, it may allow them to set realistic goals for their own tasks, whether individually or as a team. Brainstorming thus allows them to determine shared objectives that keep your company values in mind.

In Closing

Managing a virtual team is no easy task, even on the best of days. But by improving communication, showing respect, and supporting personal development, you can help improve morale and the sharing of ideas to create a winning team of Filipino virtual assistants. With a few simple changes, you can create a team that will work together cohesively to boost your company’s productivity.

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