What You Should Know About A Medical Front Office Assistant

An image of a medical front office assistantFirst impressions matter. No matter the circumstances. And this is very true of any medical practice. A comfortable, friendly environment with experienced team members makes patients feel welcome and at ease. Employing a medical front office assistant can easily help make this important first impression in your medical practice.

A professional medical front office assistant is your patient’s first interaction with your office. Over six hundred thousand medical front office assistants are employed in US medical practices alone. So, if you need some help with the day-to-day management of your practice, employing an office assistant may be the solution. In most cases, however, you can employ a virtual medical front office assistant to help you out at your practice.

What Does A Medical Front Office Assistant Do?

Often called a medical receptionist, a medical front office assistant is the first member of your staff seen by a patient entering your practice. Very often, they sit behind a desk and greet your patients and take their names. But they do more.

These people take phone calls, book appointments, and manage a multi-line phone system, directing calls to various healthcare practitioners. They also make calls where necessary, and text patients, reminding them of their appointments.

Furthermore, a medical front office assistant may take on a variety of administrative duties and support the rest of the team with data entry, printing, and filing duties. They may also be in charge of ordering various supplies needed in your practice.

With regards to working hours, it usually depends on your particular needs. You can employ them as full-time, part-time, or temporary staff. Also, you can employ such a person as a general, all-round administrative employee who can fill in wherever you need them.

Space Or Budget Constraint Factors

While your practice may need the services of a medical front office assistant due to overworked staff, you may not always be in a position to hire someone new for an in-house job.

A new hire in any business depends on various factors. Do you have the physical space to accommodate them? Do you have the necessary equipment they may need to carry out their day-to-day tasks? And does your business have the means to pay them a competitive salary? When working out a salary, you need to factor in benefits like paid vacation leave as well, for example. And remember, salaries are often dependent on where you stay as well as a new hire’s particular qualifications. Training, another factor to keep in mind, also comes at a significant cost. It may also take up time.

In short, employing the services of a medical front office assistant comes at a cost.

There is an affordable alternative, however. You could employ the services of a qualified, virtual medical front office assistant from Cool Blue VA.

Why You Should Engage In The Services Of A Virtual Medical Front Office Assistant

Engaging the services of a virtual medical front office assistant via Cool Blue VA ensures you employ an experienced, efficient staff member at an affordable price with flexible working hours.

Our highly trained virtual assistants can do just about anything someone situated in-house can do at a fraction of the cost. What is more, you no longer need to worry about purchasing specialized equipment, the space for them to work in, or any training they may need. You also do not need to worry about the added burden of a salaried member of staff with particular benefits or days needed for vacation or sick leave.

A  front office assistant from Cool Blue VA can be available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. And there is no time off! This constantly puts you in a winning position!

Why You Should Choose Cool Blue VA For Your Virtual Staffing Solutions

We at Cool Blue VA take pride in our ability to perfectly match our client's particular needs. We have a wide range of friendly qualified assistants who can seamlessly fit into your practice’s daily operations. And, because all our assistants work virtually, we can help you save thousands of dollars compared to hiring someone to fill an in-house position.

The advantages of hiring through Cool Blue VA:

  • No contracts or set fees.
  • A workforce of highly trained medical professionals with extensive experience in their field who have all already gone through a HIPAA training program.
  • Working hours flexibility because our professionals can be available even outside of normal working hours.

If you would like to reduce the workload on your current staff component, contact us at 714-695-8000 to find out more about how we can help you do so at a fraction of the cost of an in-house hire.

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