Medical Transcription Outsourcing: 6 Benefits You Should Know About

A woman doing a medical transcriptionMedical transcripts store your patients’ critical medical information. Having them on hand for each consultation helps you come to the best possible diagnostic conclusions and helps ensure your patients receive the best care available. Yet keeping accurate records can be slow, difficult, and time-consuming. Medical transcription outsourcing may be the answer.

Because an accurate transcript of the sometimes complex medical terms is essential, medical practitioners often find themselves spending an inordinate amount of time adding data to a computer. This takes time away from their patients. It is time that could be spent attending to a patient’s fears and needs, or managing other essential tasks.

Fortunately, with advances in technology and increased computer storage capabilities, those in the medical profession no longer need to keep track of handwritten notes and store large paper-filled files. And they don't have to transcribe it all themselves.

How Cool Blue VA Can Help You

Cool Blue VA represents virtual transcriptionists based all over the world. Cool Blue VA can provide you with qualified, vetted transcriptionists who have worked in the healthcare industry.

Though your practice may be situated on the other side of the globe, Cool Blue VA can connect you to these people via video conferencing. This means that your medical virtual assistant need not be next to you while conducting their tasks. They have the same abilities as an in-house hire, without the complications of having a physical presence while you treat your patient. Not only do they complete a medical transcription, but they also ensure it is uploaded to your database. This allows you, the medical professional, ease of access whenever needed. It also frees up your time to spend it focusing on your patients instead of having to input relevant data during the consultation.

Patients are often uncomfortable with someone besides their doctor being present during a consultation. Yet you can simply dictate any notes – a much faster process – and upload them to an external storage space. Not only does this allow you to respect your patients’ privacy, but it also enhances the overall patient consultation process. Medical transcription outsourcing means your medical virtual assistant can access these recordings and add data to a patient file any time of the day or night.

The Benefits of Medical Transcription Outsourcing

Outsourcing can offer several other benefits.


Medical transcription outsourcing can reduce your time spent in the office working to catch up with paperwork. While a key factor in proper patient care, ensuring the completion of relevant patient data is a laborious, time-consuming activity. It also reduces not only one-on-one patient time but the number of patients you can see during a day. By outsourcing to a competent professional, you have more time to truly concentrate on the successful running of your practice and patient care.


Those lucky enough to secure a position at Cool Blue VA take their responsibilities seriously. They understand the importance of accurate medical transcriptions and do their best to deliver excellence. Accuracy and attention to detail concerning this vital task is our highest priority.

Saves Money

Medical transcription outsourcing saves you on overhead costs. Someone physically situated at your office can significantly contribute to your overhead costs, requiring extra space, technology, and employee benefits. You have to include pension or healthcare contributions for such a person in your annual budget. In contrast, we do the work of ensuring your virtual hire has everything they need. This saves you money, especially at this time of huge competitiveness within the industry.

Allows Better Patient Focus

Another benefit concerning medical transcription outsourcing is that you, as a medical professional, have more time to work on your doctor/patient relationships. Patients often need time to ask questions or have their fears alleviated. Under normal conditions, you often find yourself without the time to have these conversations. And when you have to spend valuable time typing on a keypad while you talk, it is even harder to keep up with the conversation. Someone who can take care of the medical transcription, however, allows you to fully focus on your patients when they need you most.

Reduced Security Risk

A patient’s medical history records contain sensitive personal data. Sharing this information with a scribe requires much trust on the side of the medical practice. Many healthcare professionals thus feel the need to be the sole person gathering this information. This approach, however, has many disadvantages, as already discussed. Cool Blue VA only engages the services of fully-vetted, HIPAA-compliant medical virtual assistants. This may ease your fear of compromised patient data.

Positive Morale

A doctor is not the only one in a practice to benefit from medical transcription outsourcing. Your in-house staff also reap the rewards. Your internal administrative staff may previously have been expected to keep medical transcriptions up to date - often at the cost of their own tasks. By hiring an external person, your free up your staff to concentrate on their primary concerns without adding to an already heavy workload. This not only reduces office stress but also your staff’s burnout risk. It contributes to a happier, more effective working environment that improves your business’ service to patients.

Start Delegating!

No matter how hard you work as a healthcare professional, you cannot perform miracles. Neither can you keep on burning the midnight oil in an effort to keep on top of all your administrative tasks. At some point, something has to give – more often than not, your health.

Medical transcription outsourcing is one way to take some of the burden off your shoulders. Furthermore, by outsourcing, you save on staff costs, new equipment, and additional paperwork, to name but a few.

In Closing

Cool Blue VA is your one-stop solution to addressing your administrative concerns. Fully vetted and trained to the most stringent standards, our staff ensures data security in a time of data breaches. Ensuring the safety of your patients’ confidential data is of the utmost importance. Furthermore, your entire practice benefits from this type of outsourcing – both you as the healthcare provider and your support staff. The easy accessibility of these scribes allows them to seamlessly fit into your practice’s daily activities any time you need them to.

If you would like to know more about medical transcription outsourcing, please contact Cool Blue VA at 714-695-8000. We discuss your needs and help you find the perfect transcriptionist for your practice.

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