The Role of A Medical Transcriptionist In Healthcare: 8 Benefits and Hiring Tips

A medical transcriptionist writing on a notebookHealthcare providers across the United States consider medical transcriptionists to be key role players in their practices. Their main task is transcribing audio files into written document form. But this is not as easy as it sounds. The role of a medical transcriptionist in a healthcare practice is one demanding in-depth knowledge, consistency, and many skills few people have.

Medical Transcriptionist Services

Before looking at the role of a medical transcriptionist in a healthcare setting, we first need to be clear as to what this person actually does. In a nutshell, they support a healthcare provider with written documentation resulting from transcribed voice recordings.

A good example is when a healthcare provider makes a recording of a patient’s treatment plan. The medical transcriptionist will, after taking careful note of everything said, type up this information into a report. These sought-after professionals may work in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, insurance companies, acute care facilities, and even in private family practice.

Although medical transcriptionists can work full-time or part-time, many work from a remote location. They do not need to be situated in an in-house office setting.

Hiring the services of a virtual medical transcriptionist is often seen as a cost-saving measure that provides you with a professional transcription service. We have many remote workers at Cool Blue VA who can easily fulfill your need for this type of service.

The Role of A Medical Transcriptionist

The role of a medical transcriptionist varies. It largely depends on your practice’s needs. Essentially, they can turn any type of recording into a professionally written, detailed, accurate document.

The documents you can rely on to be done accurately and professionally include patient file updates, letters, discharge summaries, and just about anything else to do with a healthcare environment. Creating these documents takes time and is often repetitive although all need to be done promptly. In-house staff often has difficulty coping with these demands, and they may need to stay late or be paid overtime to get everything done.

Furthermore, a medical transcriptionist can edit reports as well as identify possible errors. This means they closely work with healthcare providers to ensure all information set down is both current and accurate.

But the role of the medical transcriptionist does not end there. This is because many healthcare professionals jot down notes that accompany their recordings, often using abbreviations or field-related jargon. A qualified medical transcriptionist is familiar with these. It does not hamper their ability to do the job.

The skills needed for this type of work do not come easily, though.

Medical Transcriptionist Training

Becoming a competent, efficient medical transcriptionist means a person would have to complete training for this much-in-demand role. Mastering this difficult skill needs a lot of patience, and of course, practice. It is not something someone can learn to do overnight.

Most people who take up the role of a medical transcriptionist have experience in the medical field. They also usually have some sort of certification. Many people working in this much-in-demand field opt to work remotely. This is not to the detriment of healthcare providers, as it allows them to employ the right person for the job. Often, medical providers struggle to find a suitable candidate closer to home for various reasons.

Although there are various training programs available, they usually cover similar topics. These include the transcribing of audio files, editing skills development, privacy laws, and the maintenance of patient records. They also have to have a strong background in the use of medical terminology and may need extra training depending on the specific field in which they wish to further their career.

A medical transcriptionist also needs specific equipment to be able to do their job. But while a virtual hire has their own equipment, an in-house hire will need to be provided with the necessary equipment by your practice.

The Role of A Medical Transcriptionist vs. A Medical Scribe

People often confused the role of a medical transcriptionist with that of a medical scribe. They may perform similar duties, but there are key differences.

As noted, a medical transcriptionist transcribes recordings that have already been made. In other words, they need not sit in on a consultation. The position is also flexible, and they can work from a remote location.

Medical scribes, on the other hand, often sit in on consultations, record information, take down information, or make relevant updates in a real-time setting. They do this either in-person or from a remote location using technology.

8 Benefits of A Medical Transcriptionist for Your Practice

This specialist benefits you and your practice in numerous ways.

  1. They ensure the accuracy of all relevant medical records in your practice.
  2. You get to spend more time with your patients and with your loved ones. Constantly updating relevant information takes time, often causing healthcare providers to work long hours.
  3. A medical transcriptionist can use their medical knowledge to your benefit because they can decipher complex recordings that have medical abbreviations or related jargon. They can organize any relevant patient information correctly, including treatments, symptoms, health conditions, and insurance details.
  4. It is normal to make changes to a patient’s treatment plan. You may change medications or make diet and lifestyle recommendations. Your medical transcriptionist will quickly note these details so that no delay in treatment occurs while reducing confusion for other providers.
  5. Their flexible working hours, one of the reasons many work from a remote location, ensure you get help when you need it. By hiring a remote worker through Cool Blue VA, you can rest assured your hire is a dedicated, qualified professional able to assist you as and when needed.
  6. A medical transcriptionist can play a role in other administrative duties as well, especially when the practice is busy or one of your staff is not available. They can handle emails, schedule appointments, and answer telephone calls, for example.
  7. A virtual hire is a significant salary cost saver in any healthcare setting. At the same time, they can help increase your revenue due to the time saved. You can see more patients while saving time doing the paperwork. Also, a remote hire has all the relevant tools needed to do the job – another cost saver for the practice.
  8. We all make mistakes. However, due to their medical background, a medical scribe can pick up and flag errors. They know what to look out for. This ensures a higher accuracy rate in diagnosis, treatment plans, or medications.

Why You Should Hire Your Medical Transcriptionist Through Cool Blue VA

Cool Blue VA is a leading provider of virtual transcriptionists in the healthcare industry. Our highly trained team is ready to help you run your medical practice more efficiently.

We offer:

  • A variety of highly trained professionals to choose from.
  • A 24/7 service, meaning we can accommodate your needs any time of the day or night, including weekends.
  • A vast reduction in salary costs, significantly less than that of an in-house hire.

If looking for a cost-effective, efficient way to enhance the running of your medical practice, hiring a Cool Blue VA medical scribe is the perfect solution. Contact us today at 714-695-8000 to find out more about how we can assist you in taking your practice to the next level.

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