How A Virtual Assistant Company Can Help Your Medical Practice

A picture of a doctor in her medical practiceThe healthcare industry has vastly benefitted from the latest technological advances. One of these benefits is the ability to hire someone who works remotely. Hiring someone from a virtual assistant company like Cool Blue VA may help your business grow and free up your time, as well as that of your in-house staff, to take better care of your existing patients and see more people who need you.

Hiring through a virtual assistant company ensures your business’s paperwork is taken care of without you or a staff member having to work long hours to see that things stay up to date.

There are, however, many virtual companies to choose from. This means that you need to know what to expect from one of these companies.

What Does A Virtual Assistant Company Do?

A virtual assistant company provides you with a large variety of services that can be completed remotely. These include, amongst others, sending referrals, medical billing, and patient record keeping, amongst many others.

A virtual assistant company Cool Blue VA engages the services of professional, trained, dedicated assistants who can reduce your in-house staff’s workload at an affordable rate. At Cool Blue VA, we understand the challenges faced in the medical profession. Some of these challenges include the following:

  • Proper time management due to an increasing patient load. This may often result in long waiting times for patients, seeing fewer patients, and shorter consultations.
  • Appointment scheduling is often frustrating for both patients and healthcare providers. Keeping track, especially where appointment times and dates change, can be most frustrating.
  • Healthcare providers increasingly find it difficult to stay up to date with the latest developments or technologies in their field. They need to dedicate time to do so. Yet many find their schedule allows them little spare time.
  • Accurate patient record keeping is key in providing quality, professional health care. But doing so is difficult, especially when your patient sees multiple healthcare professionals.
  • Many of those in the healthcare field find it difficult to deal with health insurance companies. The process is time-consuming and often frustrating. Because of this, many healthcare practices employ the services of insurance professionals to help them with this task, though this increases overhead costs.

These, and many other challenges faced by those in the healthcare industry, could easily be overcome by hiring someone through a dedicated, professional virtual assistant company like Cool Blue VA.

Services A Virtual Assistant Company Can Offer

A virtual assistant company such as ours offers various remote services customized to fit your specific needs. The remote workers have undergone background checks, while their training meets all industry standards. Although these professionals may live in another state or even another country, they can help you to keep your costs down while offering you the services you need from a large assistant pool.

The most common services looked for from these companies include the following:

  • Appointment scheduling is one of the most common tasks required from a virtual hire. They also take care of cancellations and appointment rescheduling as needed.
  • They can keep patient records up to date, ensuring the addition of all relevant information is correctly filed in your system.
  • Many remote assistants take charge of your practice’s phone answering system, answering relevant questions about appointments, insurance, and medication. They can also take messages and reschedule appointments over the telephone as needed.
  • You can ask your assistant to send out reminders about patient appointments, prescription refills, or follow-up appointments.
  • Filing insurance claims can take up a lot of time. Your remote assistant can take care of the entire process for you.

Although these are not the only tasks that a remote hire from a virtual assistant company can help you with, these examples give you a good idea as to how they can help you and your practice.

These tasks free up time that you and your staff can use to focus on patients and grow your practice, and they are often at a more affordable rate than an in-house hire.

Hiring A Remote Assistant Through Cool Blue VA

Hiring a remote assistant through Cool Blue VA is a quick, 3-step process. You can simply contact us and let us know about your needs and the skills required from your remote hire. After going through our list of potential professionals, we will send you several candidates from which to choose. Once you have made your selection and let us know, they can start working to save you both time and money.

An added bonus is that you can collaborate with the same remote professional who will work the hours you set, seamlessly fitting into your practice. Our remote workers have gone through a strict vetting process and comprehensive training that allows them to do so.

If looking for a cost-effective way to enhance your practice’s workload flow and efficiency, a virtual hire from Cool Blue VA may be what you need. Call us today at 714-695-8000 to find out about our services and how we can help you.

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