Frequently Asked Questions

How Can A Cool Blue Virtual Assistant (VA) Save Me Money?

Giving a task online saves your overhead cost. You won't have to pay for extra space. Don't bother buying a desk or chair. You have no more added costs on electricity and water, too. You save as much as 78% on your operating costs based on a survey. Plus, virtual assistants have all this office stuff in their homes. So, you won't have to buy it for them.

Is The Cost The Same As Keeping A Full-Time Worker?

You pay only for a specific task and nothing more. A survey estimates a medical assistant's median salary at $35,850 in 2020. It's about $17 to $20 per hour plus benefits or close to double what you would pay a virtual assistant. But unlike a full-time worker, you save even more by not having to pay:
  • Taxes
  • Worker's compensation
  • Health insurance
  • Paid vacations and holidays
  • Sick leaves

Are There Other Benefits For Me?

You can save on the cost of training a new worker as well as Cool Blue VAs come with basic training. The Society for Human Resource Management reported the cost of replacing a worker is about six to nine months of a worker's salary. Cool Blue VAs are ready to go from day one for most basic medical office duties.

Don’t get bogged down by administrative work or clerical jobs. A Cool Blue VA can help you take care of these menial tasks so you can go home on time!

Having a medical virtual scribe taking notes can get you more face time with your patients. You can also spend more time with your patients. You can attend to more patients when a support staff answer calls. Or they manage records and do billing. You focus your efforts on your medical practice instead of clerical work. More time means more money for you.

Who Are Medical Virtual Assistants?

Many of our Medical Virtual Assistants are college graduates of medical or allied health courses. Many are registered nurses in the Philippines. Moreover, some have certificates in coding and medical transcription. They have work experience either in the Philippines or abroad. They are also HIPAA certified.

What Makes Your Cool Blue VA Special?

Our pool of candidates goes through a strict application and screening process. First, we select based on educational background, preferably with a medical-related degree and training. It can include work background and reference checks.

Second, they undergo an initial interview to make sure that they are fluent and proficient in English. And third, a virtual assistant attends a rigid course in all aspects of medical office administration including EHR, scheduling, insurance inquiry, pre-authorization, and customer service.

How Are They Recruited And Vetted?

Candidates go through a strict application process when short-listed. They possess the right educational background and work experience. Most importantly, they are familiar with or trained in specific work tools. Examples are Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and medical scribe software.

Finally, we check their other vital skills and attitude. They take aptitude and personality tests. These qualities are crucial on top of their medical knowledge. Moreover, it shows a candidate's personality and fitness. Examples are general intelligence and verbal and written communication. Work ethic, integrity, commitment, adaptability, and reliability are also included.

What Can A Cool Blue Virtual Assistant Do?

A medical VA can handle various roles depending on their training. For example, they can perform these tasks based on your need:
  • Keep and update records and coordinate with the patient and healthcare team.
  • Encode a patient’s test results and clinical documents for billing and insurance purposes.
  • Attend to phone calls and communicate with patients regarding their appointments and follow-ups.
  • Scribe and transform dictations, live conversations, or audio recordings into written material for reference.

Are Cool Blue Medical Virtual Assistants Compliant with HIPAA?

USA standards require HIPAA certification for virtual assistants, even if they work in the Philippines. Our medical virtual assistants come with HIPAA certification so you don’t have to worry about compliance.

Will My Medical Records Be Safe?

Yes. Your records are protected. All our Virtual Assistants are local Filipinos and are governed by the Philippines' Data Privacy Act of 2012. The Act serves to protect people's privacy, such as communication. It is the Philippines equivalent of HIPAA in the USA. Moreover, it regulates the collection and recording of personal data. It covers storing and retrieving the data, too. At the same time, this Act safeguards all transactions and records. They can not be released to any third party without prior consent.

The Data Privacy Act ensures your EMR's integrity. You grant access to the virtual assistant by sharing a username and password. By doing so, you can opt to limit their access. In contrast, you can maintain an office EMR. But your assistant can still access this remote desktop software. In a breach, they shall be held accountable as Filipino citizens.

How Do I Train And Communicate With A Cool Blue VA and be HIPAA Compliant?

Communication is vital in any work, especially in a virtual setup. HIPAA-compliant tools such as email, phone calls, SMS, and video conferencing are commonly used. For example, you can use a phone service such as Ring Central or free calling apps like WhatsApp. You can also use Zoom or other video conferencing programs. This communication software bridges the physical gap without compromising privacy. Moreover, it works 24/7 in any part of the world.

What Kinds of Computer Software Can a Medical Virtual Assistant Use?

Cool Blue VAs already have basic knowledge of common office applications. Examples are Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. However, you may need them to work on other programs. Cool Blue VAs are also familiar with these programs:

  • RingCentral and WhatsApp for Voice-only calls.
  • Communication platforms allow virtual meetings and conferences. These are Google Meet, Skype, and Zoom.
  • Secure cloud-based storage of files containing documents and graphics. HIPAA-compliant Google Drive is an example.
  • Fax management applications ensure the correct handling of electronic faxes. Examples are Updox and DocVilla.
  • You may have an existing EMR system for the health records. Our Medical VAs are trained in eClinicalworks, but are adaptable to other systems as well.

Do You Track and Monitor the Virtual Assistants?

Cool Blue VA utilizes state-of-the-art tracking and time monitoring software to ensure your VA's productivity. If they aren’t working, you aren’t paying. Keyboard and mouse activity are monitored to ensure that they are working. Rest assured that however, no private information is being stored and Cool Blue VA does not have access to any of your private information.

How Will They Answer A Phone Call On Behalf Of My Office?

There are digital phone applications a virtual assistant can download online. It is also called voice-over-internet protocol or VoIP. It gives a virtual assistant a US phone number linked to your office. As a result, it allows them to take real-time calls regardless of their location. They can do receptionist tasks of answering and making calls. At the same time, they can follow up with your patients using the application in accordance with your office policy and procedures seamlessly.

Will A Medical VA Work In My Time Zone?

Philippine and US time zones are opposites of night and day. But regardless of their location, they work based on your work hours. This condition is included in the job posting. It forms part of their task to log in and out on American time.

Do I Work With The Same Virtual Assistant Every Day?

You select a Cool Blue Virtual Assistant based on your preference. It means this person is dedicated to performing tasks for you. You work with the person day in and day out unless you want to re-engage with another Virtual Assistant. Working with the same assistant allows for a stronger work relationship. As a result, work becomes easier. The assistant becomes more proficient over time, too.

What Is The Current Rate Of A Medical VA?

Cool Blue VA Medical Virtual Assistants offers an affordable rate starting at $9.95 per hour for customer service virtual assistants. No contracts, no fees, or hidden charges. You can cancel anytime without cost.

What Is The Minimum Work Hours And Plus Charges For Overtime, Weekend, Or Night Work?

Cool Blue VAs are available on a full-time basis, 40 hours a week. This is typically broken down into five 8 hours shifts. You can ask them if they are willing to extend beyond 8 hours. In fact, many are delighted to work more. There is no overtime rate.

Do Labor Laws Apply?

Medical virtual assistants work as independent contractors for you. They are not bound by United States employment laws because they are not your employee. So, they cannot sue you in the event of work-related issues. It also means you are not legally liable to answer work-related lawsuits. However, employers are expected to treat their workers with respect and kindness.

Can I Cancel Or Change My Assistant?

We at CoolBlue VA are confident you will be happy with our Medical Virtual Assistants. However, if for any reason, things are not working for your office, you can change your Medical Virtual Assistant or cancel the service completely. Working with Cool Blue VA is risk-free.

Does Cool Blue VA Provide On-Going Support?

We ensure the best client service in hiring the finest candidates. However, our support does not end with hiring the perfect medical VA. We extend a hand anytime you need help in managing your virtual assistant. Your dedicated account executive will provide advice on matters relating to the job function. We can also guide you on how they can better perform their task.


Virtual assistants are an investment for you. They are qualified and certified based on global standards. You can focus on your practice while giving minor tasks. As a result, you save on operating costs. Most importantly, you save valuable time and sacrifice nothing in safety, customer service, or administrative tasks.

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