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Tell us what your needs are and what you would like your Medical Virtual Assistant to handle.
We will send you the perfect candidate.
Start saving time and money.
The same Medical Virtual Assistant will work any hours you set and will fit in seamlessly with your practice.
Many of our Medical Virtual Assistants have a background as healthcare professionals and go through a strict vetting process. We also provide them with an expansive training program so they can help in whatever specific tasks are needed.

A Medical Virtual Assistant can do the Same Tasks at Half the Cost of Your In-Person Employees

We have learned through the pandemic, that almost any administrative task can be done in a virtual setting.
Save your physical employees for in-clinic interactions, everything else can be done virtually!

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How a Medical Virtual Assistant can help your practice

A Medical Virtual Assistant can:
Answer your phone lines and schedule appointments virtually.
Be trained to do nearly any job in your office, even greeting patients at the front door!
Upload documents, verify insurance benefits, conduct prior authorizations, and perform billing tasks just like an on-site employee.

What Your Work Day Looks Like with A Medical Virtual Assistant

The day likely starts with a morning check-in with your administrative lead to go over tasks for the day. They can even be part of the morning meeting with your physical staff if done over Zoom!
Then, your Medical Virtual Assistant gets to work. They are trained to complete their tasks on their own, but you can have them check in with you as often as you like.
At the end of the day, the Medical Virtual Assistant will check in with you on their completed tasks before logging off. If you need them to stay later, just ask.

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If you're ready to hand over some of the burdens of running a medical or healthcare practice, contact us today and see how we can help. You won't regret it!

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